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3 Reasons it Rocks to be an Island Mama

Mother and Daughter Having Fun at the Beach

Life can be tough when you’re in the trenches of motherhood.  But it seems a bit easier when on a beach, cool cocktail in-hand, venting to a fellow Mama, watching your little ones play with one another.  Here are three reasons it’s good to be a parent on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands:

1. Kids play outside every day

What do you do when you’re pulling your hair out because the kids are driving you crazy?  Send them outside to play!  Forget being limited by ice, wind chills and frigid temperatures.  The sun is shining on St. Croix almost every day of the year.  Aside from the occasional rain shower, the weather is perfect for play, with an average temperature of 82 degrees (Fahrenheit) year-round.

It’s January and my boys and I just planted a new garden, which they excitedly run outside to check daily.  They’re also more interested in hunting sea glass than screen time.

2. Children’s clothes for only one season: summer

Managing the wardrobes and laundry of more than one child under the age of two could be a full-time job.  Is that sweater 6-9 months or 9-12 months?  The layering and seemingly endless laundry after a diaper blowout is exhausting.  How about no coats, hats, gloves or even sleeves for that matter?

As an Island Mama, my preschool boys have only three types of clothing: t-shirts, shorts and swimsuits.  That’s it.

3. The island tribe 

Mamas “stranded” together on an island without Target or Starbucks have to stick together!  So there’s a great community of families on St. Croix who support each other and welcome newcomers.  There’s virtually zero competition among Island Mamas about things like, who carries the most expensive brand-name diaper bag, or brings the most impressive treat from scratch to a bake sale.  No one here cares (much less recognizes) the brand of that bag, nor did they notice you sneak in store-bought cookies.

If you’re a parent fed-up with the crazy expectations on the U.S. mainland, join us in paradise!  When you’re looking for a family home to rent or buy on St. Croix or St. Thomas, start your research at  With decades of local real estate experience, Chris and Kerri Hanley are the authorities on Virgin Islands real estate.  Download their complimentary St. Croix Event Guide to find an ideal time for an extended visit: 

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