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Buying / Selling Vehicles on St. Croix


When you make the move to St. Croix, one of the first things you’ll want to check off your to-do list is buying a vehicle (if you didn’t ship one), as rentals are pricey.  Here are some helpful hints if you’re buying or selling a vehicle on-island:

Documents for seller to prepare / sign:

  • Title (notarize)
  • Registration (notarize)
  • Bill of Sale (notarize)
  • Copy of driver’s license

Notary Publics

  • Account Ability (located in the Reliable Rentals building on Hess Road, south shore)
  • Marshall & Sterling (Gallows Bay)
  • Bank of St. Croix (Gallows Bay location only)

It is easiest to meet the person you’re buying from / selling to at a notary public.  If the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is a convenient meeting place, there are generally one or two mobile notaries set-up outside.  Be sure to bring cash for them.


Once you have the aforementioned documents, the next step is to obtain car insurance.  You’ll need a minimum of liability-only coverage to take to the BMV.

Getting There

From Melvin Evans Highway, turn on Industrial Drive to reach the BMV.  There is no sign westbound, but eastbound you can follow the sign for the police station.

For the Buyer at the BMV

On arrival, begin at window six to get new registration and title.  Help out the seller by getting proof of cancelled registration so they can cancel their car insurance (be sure to request this first thing at the registration window).  You will also need to complete an application form for new registration (for this, you will need the current odometer reading if it is under 100,000 miles).

You’ll receive a number in line, which will be called when your papers are processed.  They will assign you a cashier window at which to pay and pick-up your documents, between windows two through five.

Want more info?  Check out this article Island Wheels: Navigating the St. Croix BMV.

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