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Caribbean Life FAQs (Part 1 of 2)

Since Caribbean Life season one premiered on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) in January, we have been inundated with countless inquiries from people stateside considering relocation to St. Croix

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The cost of living on St. Croix is unfortunately not one you can easily compare to a major American city.  However, depending on where you’re coming from, most people find it comfortable and comparable to their stateside locations.

The two places you’ll see a noticeable increase are in costs of electricity and groceries (because most everything must be shipped in).  VI Moving Center keeps a specific and up-to-date cost of living analysis for reference down to the dime for cost of cable, milk, etc.

Are taxes the same on St. Croix as in the states?

For the most part yes, taxes in St. Croix are very similar to the U.S. mainland.  We pay the same federal incomes taxes and employers deduct the same amounts for Social Security and Medicare as in the states.

One major perk of island living is no sales tax.  Instead that cost is passed to merchants in the form of gross receipts tax.  There is also no state tax in the USVI.  We pay property taxes as well, but they are very minimal versus most of the U.S. mainland.

For more details on residency requirements as they relate to paying taxes, please see VI Moving Center.

What is the St. Croix social scene like?  Is there nightlife?

The St. Croix social scene is laid-back.  While there are a few local dance clubs, most islanders prefer to relax at a bar or restaurant with a Cruzan cocktail in the evenings. 

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