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Crucian Kindness: Why St. Croix Residents Welcome Newcomers

If you’ve ever thought about living where you vacation, it may be hard to see yourself blending in with locals.  But on the island of St. Croix, newcomers are welcome.  Once you live here, you will be overwhelmed by the help you receive.

Being the New Kid on the Block

If you’re moving from the mainland U.S. to St. Croix, you are referred to locally as a “continental” or “statesider.”  While the majority of the island population was born here or on islands nearby, there is a large group of statesiders that feel like a small town community.

Everyone has experienced being a newcomer, so they are more than happy to help others.  When a new person moves to island and they get out in the social scene, they are introduced to more and more circles of new friends.  Personally, I was amazed by how gracious everyone was and helpful in finding jobs, housing, vehicles, your way around, etc.

Keep in mind that people who live here have heard a million tourists claim they are going to make the move.  So don’t be surprised if you’re not taken seriously until your one-way ticket is booked.

Parents Supporting Parents

There is a fantastic group of mothers and fathers on-island called Tamarind Moms.  Founded nearly ten years ago by a small group of mothers meeting for weekly play dates at Tamarind Reef, today the group thrives online with an active message board and daily e-mails (and yes, that weekly play date still happens Thursday’s starting around 10 a.m.).

This group is essential to island newbies who are parents or expecting, as well as families preparing to move.  You can learn and ask questions about school options, babysitters, events / activities, etc.

In my experience, I’ve yet to purchase a piece of clothing for my 16-month old son because of this group.  If you’re expecting, you will be showered with hand-me-down clothes and toys by other island mamas and papas.  New or like-new children’s items are often posted for sale on the message board.  Just remember to put them back into circulation around island when your children are finished with them.

Ready to move to the friendly island?  We welcome good people with open arms.

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