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Endless Summers on St. Croix

White Railed Symmetrical Sunny Summer Ocean Beach LandingSummers are hot. It doesn’t matter where you live… when the pleasant spring breezes trade-in for that first still, humid, summer heat, it can almost make winter seem enjoyable. It’s times like this that call for a nice refreshing dip in the Caribbean Sea.

While you’re floating around in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, thinking of how there is no better way to beat the summer heat… take comfort to know that when you do finally get out of the water, the air temperature you’ll experience this far south will probably be lower than most mid-western state summer days. The ocean not only cools you off, but as nature’s air conditioner, it also helps keep island air temperatures moderate.

Most state-siders prefer to visit the Caribbean during “season.” Caribbean high season starts at the beginning of November and runs through the end of March. While this might be the best time to visit the island to experience the enchanting tropical breezes and to safely avoid hurricanes, the summer season can be a great chance to get a more intimate island experience. You may have a beach all to yourselves or luck out and have a would-be packed tour to Buck Island, become a private one for you and your family.

If you do decide to be a little more adventurous and book your island escape during the summer, it won’t just be the less traveled beach of which you can take advantage. Flights and hotels will be way below their peak in-season prices too. Be sure to check out rentals on as well, to rent a vacation home off-season.  Featuring everything from small places for one couple, to huge six bedroom estates with multiple buildings, you’re sure to find a fitting place for your immediate or extended family.

Visit for expertise in Virgin Islands real estate.  Contact them today and download the team’s free St. Croix Event Guide to find an ideal time to visit: 

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