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Feeling Cold in the Caribbean

photodune-8287554-parents-with-their-children-in-towels-xlThere are a lot of adjectives that come to mind when someone talks about living on an island in the Caribbean: beautiful, picturesque, calm, relaxing and . . . cold?!

Now, cold in this sense is a very (and I mean very) relative term. If you were to ask a Bostonian in the middle of January what cold is, their answer may contain one of the following phrases: mountains of snow, car windshield iced over, hands cracked and bleeding, giant snow monsters (okay, maybe not the last one!). But, if you were to then ask them if they thought mid-60’s was cold, they may laugh and start to day-dream about spring time.

Luckily enough for Virgin Islanders, when we get cold, we don’t have to worry about 30-car pile-ups on iced over interstates. Instead we reach for our rarely used comforters and snuggle up for a change.

The climate of the U.S. Virgin Islands is extremely consistent with low variance in temperature:


  • Highs: 86-88 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lows: Upper 70s


  • Highs: 80-82 degrees
  • Lows: 71-73 degrees

Let’s compare that to the change in average high in say, Kansas in the Midwest. During the heart of summer, the average high temperature can get close to triple digits, hovering around 95 degrees. But during the worst parts of winter, don’t expect the high temperatures to break the low 30s and the lows are in the 20s.

What is the lowest temperature you can expect during your January or February vacation to St. Croix? Well according to, St. Croix’s lowest recorded temperature is 57 degrees recorded in April of 1997, but most likely, the lowest you’ll feel is a drop into the mid- to upper-60s.

Ready to trade in your frigid winters for a place where being cold is nothing more than an excuse to cuddle up with someone you love?  St. Croix is a U.S. territory, making it an easy transition for people living on the U.S. mainland.  When you get serious about living here (at least during the winters!) contact Chris and Kerri Hanley, the experts on Virgin Islands real estate.  Start by downloading their free St. Croix Event Guide to find the perfect time for an extended visit: 

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