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Jumping the Pier Starts the Summer for St. Croix Students

Photo Credit: Uncommon Caribbean
Photo Credit: Uncommon Caribbean

Every place has their own graduation celebrations… the quintessential one people picture is throwing the square academic caps you wear with traditional graduation gowns.  But on St. Croix, you celebrate the last day of school by “jumping the pier.”  That is, the cruise ship pier in Frederiksted.

As long as no cruise ships are in-port, the Frederiksted pier is one of the last that is open to the public and off which you are allowed to jump.  Ladders line the edge to help jumpers out of the sea.  The drop is approximately 15-feet and the water is plenty deep to accommodate divers.  Beneath the pier is one of the best scuba and snorkel spots on-island, with a variety of sea life at the bottom and on the large pillars that secure the pier to the ocean floor.

While it’s unclear how the tradition of jumping the pier started, it has been common for St. Croix kids for generations.  Jumping the pier isn’t just for graduation days… you see it happening nearly every weekend.  It’s also a great way to cool off when festivities are happening in Frederiksted (like the Three Kings Day Adult Parade).

But for St. Croix students, jumping the pier has become a rite of passage.  The last of day of school for many is an official field trip to the pier and west end beaches (like Rainbow Beach).  Starting as young as elementary school these early swimmers are ready to take the plunge.  It’s a great way to kick-off their St. Croix summer, which refreshingly follows a more traditional calendar of being off between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Ready to jump the pier, even in the winter months?  St. Croix is an exciting and vibrant place to live.  When you’re ready to call it home, contact Chris and Kerri Hanley for real estate expertise.  Start by downloading their free St. Croix Event Guide.  

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