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    St. Croix-Native Tim Duncan Continues Hurricane Relief Efforts for Thanksgiving

    By Kerri Hanley | September 17, 2018

    St. Croix-native Tim Duncan, well-known retired NBA player, was on-island again this weekend to distribute Thanksgiving groceries to his former community affected by Hurricane Maria.  This distribution took place in the parking lot of Pueblo La Reine on Saturday.  Each of the 5,500 bags given out included cooked ham, stuffing, yams, cranberry sauce and other... Read More

    Antilles Air Boats Historical Site Launched

    By Kerri Hanley | September 17, 2018

    Antilles Air Boats operated a seaplane airline in the Caribbean from 1963 to 1981, founded by famed aviator Charles Blair and his movie star wife, Maureen O’Hara.  Recently a historical website was launched at to pay homage to everyone involved with the airline – as well as preserve photos, videos and stories.  While this historical... Read More

    Island Wheels: Transportation on St. Croix

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | August 14, 2018

    Ready to get rolling on your life in the left lane? When you move to St. Croix, one of the first things you will need is your own set of wheels.  While a bus system exists (VITran) and taxis abound catering to tourists, by far the easiest way to get around is by car.  Several... Read More

    How St. Croix Homeowners Prepare for Hurricanes

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | May 30, 2018

    We are spoiled to beautiful weather year-round, with a consistent forecast of 88 degrees and sunny with a 10 percent chance of rain. Forget the worry about being snowed-in, driving on ice or taking cover in tornado alley. The one weather-related issue we deal with is the chance of tropical storms and hurricanes, which can... Read More

    Why the Water is Bluer in St. Croix

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | May 16, 2018

    Why the Water is Bluer in St. Croix What do St. Croix residents love most about living in paradise?  The tropical weather and the turquoise water.  While the standard forecast is 88 degrees and sunny with only a ten percent chance of rain nearly every day of the year, the Caribbean Sea surrounding St. Croix... Read More

    Survey Services Company LLC

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | May 3, 2018

    Survey Services Company, located in the historic town of Christiansted, St Croix, U.S Virgin Islands, offers professional land surveying services to meet your needs.  Whether you need As built surveys for title purposes, ALTA/ASCM Land Title surveys, Topographic surveys, boundary surveys or your need to subdivide your land, we are eager to assist you. SURVEY... Read More

    Caribbean Life FAQs (Part 1 of 2)

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | February 25, 2018

    Since Caribbean Life season one premiered on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) in January, we have been inundated with countless inquiries from people stateside considering relocation to St. Croix The cost of living on St. Croix is unfortunately not one you can easily compare to a major American city.  However, depending on where you’re coming... Read More

    Chris Hanley featured on HGTV’s “Caribbean Life”

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | February 1, 2018

    Chris Hanley was recently featured on the Home and Garden Television (HGTV) show “Caribbean Life” during sneak preview episodes aired New Year’s Day. The program follows couples and families as they leave the U.S. mainland and move to the Caribbean. In one episode, Hanley helped guide a growing family to their ideal home. The Sommers... Read More

    View a live webcam of Buck Island, St. Croix USVI…

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | January 31, 2018

    View a live webcam of Buck Island, St. Croix USVI… Webcam video: 360° Underwater National Park | National Geographic Remember to subscribe to our feed for up to date info on what to do and where to go when you visit St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Read More

    Fabulous Flamboyants In-Bloom on St. Croix

    By Kerri Hanley | November 17, 2017

    August is prime season for flamboyant trees on St. Croix.  These fiery blooms take over the large green fern trees from which they bloom in beautiful shades of red, scarlet and orange.  One variety blooms yellow in unique contrast. Seeing flamboyants start to bloom reminds me that it’s time for Mango Melee (held annually at... Read More