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    Carambola Beach Resort

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | September 21, 2020

    Laurance Rockefeller’s founding of the Carambola Resort in 1986 left a significant mark on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. The Carambola Resort is known for being the only branded hotel on the island. Here are some key features of the property: 151 Rooms: The resort offers a total of 151 rooms, providing accommodation options for... Read More

    Lights, Camera, Action…

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | June 17, 2020

    The U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) has been a backdrop for several famous movies over the years. While the USVI may not be as widely known for its film industry as some other locations, its stunning natural beauty and unique landscapes have attracted filmmakers. Here are a few movies that have been filmed in the U.S.... Read More

    Recovery in Focus – New TV Show to Launch next Week

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | March 10, 2020

    Collaborations between the Office of Disaster Recovery, the Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority and WTJX-TV Channel 12 are launching a new program, Recovery in Focus, to keep viewers up to date on most recent developments on recovery in the territory. Areas of interest to include hospitals, schools, roads, housing and power, and any other vital... Read More

    Rhythm & Blues at the Bandstand

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | February 6, 2020

    If you happened to be down by Fort Christiansvaern Friday evening, your ears may have caught the soothing sounds of the Jazz event that was happening over at the bandstand! What a wonderful way to bring the community together, and show off our Island flair to visitors! Local musicians gathered to perform for the public.... Read More

    An enriching experience in NYC

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | January 25, 2020

    The Virgin Islands Cultural Contributors Calendar is an annual project celebrating local artists and cultural contributors that have played a role in enriching their communities, and serving as a source of inspiration for others. Maintaining the cultural richness and vibrancy of the Virgin Islands while fostering a sense of pride and connection among its residents... Read More

    Cisterns 101: Residential Water Supply in the USVI

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | November 4, 2019

    One marked difference between home ownership stateside and in the U.S. Virgin Islands is residential water supply.  Island homes are required to be built with cisterns, which are large holding tanks that collect rain for running water. Basics Cisterns work by collecting rain water which falls on the roof of a home, and routing it... Read More

    Chris Hanley’s 30 Year Anniversary in the real estate business

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | June 27, 2019

    June, 1989… That was the month and year that Chris Hanley broke into the St. Croix real estate market. He had just graduated from Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts. “I was getting ready to purchase a suit and tie and some decent shoes, as graduation was right around the corner and it was time to... Read More

    John’s Cuts and Colors @ Coakley Bay Condos

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | June 26, 2019

    Remember Monique‘s Beauty Salon At Coakley Bay Condos? Well now it’s John’s Cuts and Colors!  Located on the east end of St. Croix with views out towards Buck Island and the beautiful Caribbean sea, this salon is totally remodeled and modernized!  “I get my haircut here and so should you” said Chris Hanley. John Eland... Read More

    St. Croix native featured in Yachting magazine

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | April 29, 2019

    Brian Bishop, founder of Crucian Gold, has been one of the premier jewelers on St. Croix since 1972. Crucian Gold is well known for their signature Crucian Knot and handcrafted Chaney pieces.Chaney is a local treasure consisting of shards of fine china (circa 1750-1900) which can mostly be found washing up along the beaches and... Read More

    St. Croix’s Open Houses

    By Chris and Kerri Hanley | April 29, 2019

    The best way to promote the sale of your home is by doing an open house.  Open houses are still the number one way for buyers to check out a property in person and decide if they like it.  It is also a great way for our local brokers & agents to come by and... Read More