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Realities of Island Hopping

Private jet plane over the tropical seaWhen I first moved to the Caribbean, one of the things I wrongly assumed is that island hopping would be quick and inexpensive. The reality I’ve learned is that from St. Croix, it is challenging to get to other islands same-day on commercial flights (aside from St. Thomas and Puerto Rico/Vieques).  Our “gateway” airports are Miami and San Juan for most connections.

There are some exceptions to this, with Shoreline Aviation taking seasonal amphibious seaplanes from St. Croix to the British Virgin Islands.

By boat, St. Croix and St. Thomas residents eagerly await final Coast Guard-approval of Warren Mosler’s new ferry.  The cleverly designed boat apparently alleviates sea sickness and is more cost-effective that flying between islands.  St. Thomas has more flights than its neighboring Virgin Islands and a plethora of boat options due to proximity.

Again, exceptions exist in the form of boat charters.  Large sailboats like Iditarum will happily take passengers from St. Croix on the crossing (to St. Thomas) for BVI excursions.

In my opinion, this is the only major perk of St. Thomas over St. Croix.  Many more commercial flights and tons of options to island hop by boat, including daily ferries to St. John and the British Virgin Islands.

I recently tried to go from St. Croix to St. Lucia for a weekend trip.  The commercial flights were going to take two days, require an overnight stay in Puerto Rico and cost more than $800 per person.  Alternately, Bohlke International Airways offers charter flight options for direct flights on the schedule of the buyer.

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