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Reefs, Bays and Lagoons on St. Croix

Last night my husband and I flipped on Wheel of Fortune (TV watching is rare in our house) and the first puzzle we see is “Reefs, Bays and Lagoons.”  Sounded familiar.  It turned out to be a prize puzzle for a trip to St. Croix.  Here are some of those beautiful natural features of our island:

Buck Island Reef

Buck Island is the jewel of St. Croix.  A view of the island off the northeast shore from houses is preferable and residents try to visit by boat as often as possible.  The reef off the east side of Buck Island is a nationally protected monument with an underwater snorkel trail.  There are many different types of coral.  It’s common to see a variety of sea creatures including dolphins, sting rays, lemon shark, barracuda, and many colorful fish like yellowfin tuna.

Jack & Issacs’ Bays

A hike leads you to this semi-secret spot on St. Croix’s east end.  It’s easiest to park in the small lot just downhill from the main Point Udall monument.  Follow the trail and discover some truly pristine beaches.  Be sure to pack well because the area has little shade and is completely undeveloped (or unspoiled, depending on your perspective).  A great place for a swim.

Altoona Lagoon

Another place not to be missed on-island is the bioluminescent bays located on the north shore, the most popular at Salt River (near the Columbus landing site) and another at Altoona Lagoon just east of Christiansted.  Several tour operators give guided kayak tours at night to see the illusive dinoflagellates in the ocean water that light up when touched.  Picture the lagoon scene set to the song “Kiss the Girl” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

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