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Starry Nights in St. Croix

Milky WayIsland living is all about beauty and nature. One of the most alluring aspects of the Caribbean is the ability to live in harmony with the natural world. Unfortunately, the relationship between man and mother earth seems to become more and more distant in most stateside locations. With the constant urban sprawl and sub-divided developments, it can be hard to get in-tune with nature.

The breakdown of our ancestral bond with the earth is apparent when it comes to the night sky. According to an article in National Geographic, only 20 percent of Americans live in a location dark enough to see the Milky Way, one of the most awe-inspiring sights at night.

The peace and inspiration that comes from looking up at a starry night can’t be understood by most people anymore. With the average American watching an astonishing four to five hours of TV a night, the simple pleasure of stargazing has been lost for many. Not to mention the affects watching TV or being glued to your phone before bed can have on your ability to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest.

Are you ready to come spend some time getting back in-tune with the natural beauty and rhythm of the world around you? Then maybe it’s time to plan your Caribbean getaway. You may find that being in a location that makes it easy to find peace and balance is the only place you want to be. If you trade in your spot in front of the TV, for a seat under the stars on a cool Caribbean night while listening to the waves crash, you will sleep like a baby every night.

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