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West End Real Estate

Frederiksted and the West End (FR & WE) tend to get lumped together.  This area includes the historic waterfront town of Frederiksted as well as the waterfront and residential quarter of West End.  Similar to Christiansted, Frederiksted is a mix of residential and commercial properties in a town setting. Significant landmarks include: the cruise ship pier, the Frederiksted Waterfront Park, Frederiksted Fort, The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, and Paul E. Joseph Stadium. The West End wraps around the furthest western South Shore area of Sandy Point Beach and stretches along the water, surrounding Frederiksted, and ending at some fun beach bars on the northern side of Frederiksted.  While Restaurants and night life are more limited in the town of Frederiksted as compared to Christiansted, the beach bars are fantastic with beautiful white sandy beaches and this area has become a hot spot for beach goers on the weekend.  From this area you can also follow Mahogany Road as it meanders through the rain forest area back to Mid Island.  The topography is a mix of flat, hills and valleys with a much more tropical lush feel in the rain forest.